Wine Resort

The first sight is something you can’t forget. The Manor from ‘700 stands tall over the vineyards and the forests. The infinity pool reflects sky and hills, vineyards and sunlight, a light that takes different shades for each moment of the day. From the 700 meters of altitude, the view over the vineyard , the hills until the sea. A perfect experience between the most noble vines of Etna.

In a Resort shaped around wine, the tasting moments create an unforgettable experience.

In our restaurant the rich tradition of the Sicilian kitchen meets the fine inventions of the modernity and the wines of the estate are accompanied by dishes prepared by our chef Vittorio Caruso. Here you can try the flavors of the territory matched, with a seasonal menu, with our wines. The ingredients are almost entirely obtained from our cultivation or from local producers. The oil is our extra-virgin from Nocellara dell’Etna; meat and cheese from Etna farms; the chestnut honey is made by the honeybees of our woods.

Moments to remember

1 a visit to the estate’s cellar
2 a nice walk in our woods and vineyard
3 a trekking on the Etna slopes
4 the beauty of Taormina
5 the Art and the shopping in Catania